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We are leading supplier and a pioneer in Alkaline Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Filter System in the region. We have since its inception 15 years ago been distributing and marketing only reputable brands of Alkaline Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Filter Systems from Korea and Japan.

Alkaline Water, also generally known as ionized water, is water that is alkaline and has a pH level above seven (7). Alkaline Water is normally produced with the aid of a tabletop or faucet-based Water Ionizer and is proven to enhance one's well being and provide health benefits.
Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water.

  • Helps Maintain pH Balance

Ionization raises the pH of tap water from around pH 7 (neutral) up to pH 11.5 (alkaline). Ionized Alkaline Water acts as a solvent on acidic waste (such as fats, uric acid, cholesterol) stored in the body and dissolves it to be removed by the blood.

  • Super Hydrates and Detoxifies your body

Ionization cuts the size of the water molecular cluster in half. This smaller cluster can penetrate the cellular membranes of the body easier, thus speeding up new tissue building and waste removal. The smaller clusters also mean that alkaline water is more hydrating and helps reduce wrinkles to keep the skin supple and smooth.

  • Energizes you

Ionization adds oxygen rich OH- ions into the water. By drinking Alkaline Water, more oxygen is made available to enrich the blood which can increase one's level of energy and promote quicker healing.

  • Keeps you Young and Slows Down aging

The ionized OH- ions molecules have extra electrons that neutralize destructive free radicals circulating throughout the body and thus allow the natural healing process of the body to predominate, slowing down the aging process.

Making Alkaline Water.

Water ionizers are the most popular source of Alkaline Water.

If you want to alkalize your water on a budget, you may want to consider adding some ingredients to your regular water. For example, squirting a few drops of lemon or lime juice into a typical glass of water will make it considerably healthier, as said fruits are very alkaline-forming.

Also, when shopping around for a Water Ionizer, make a point of looking for a unit that has an automatic cleaning function with regular cleaning intervals. You will need to clean the electrolysis chamber as much as possible to maintain an ionizer's performance.

If you've been looking for an easy, though highly effective, way of improving your health, look into Alkaline Water. This water is easy to produce and can offer a number of immediate and long term health benefits.